VITOK Engineers, Inc. was founded in 1967, with the goal of serving clientele from the seven States surrounding its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The name VITOK reflects that goal, as it was created using the first letter of those seven states including the Virginias, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky. Over the years, our business has grown and the service territory has expanded. To date, over 3100 projects, ranging from a few thousand dollars in capital appropriation to over 50 million dollars, have been completed all over the United States, with many projects in foreign countries.

The reason for our growth is simple. We have experienced personnel in all major engineering disciplines, enabling us to provide clients with an expansive overview of projects as well as a unique perspective on the design process.

As an employee owned company, the staff members of VITOK take a vital interest in building loyal client relationships. To that end, we are constantly striving to improve our services and technology, while providing cost effective solutions to project challenges.


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Louisville, KY 40299-3894
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