Architectural / Civil / Structural Engineers

Education and experience combine to give VITOK expertise in the design of Industrial plant architectural features, pilings and foundation for buildings, the design of roads, railroads, grading and drainage, underground piping systems, rigid frame structures of concrete and steel, composite concrete and steel floors, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete structures, modifications to existing structures and supports for ducts and piping.

Design-Build and Construction Management

VITOK offers complete construction supervision services to insure a timely, economical and properly constructed facility. Our construction managers are responsible for field cost control, receiving and inspecting materials/equipment and overseeing progress to maintain schedule, engineering codes, design compliance and budget.

Forensic / Investigative Services

VITOK has investigated fires, structural damage, foundation settlement, electrical failures and other mishaps in industrial plants, commercial establishments and private residences. Our training in how things work, enables us to analyze what happens when they don’t.



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