In many situations, obtaining a 3D representation of your space at the beginning of a project can yield substantial savings on the final design.  Regardless of the size of your project, 3D laser scanning can be very useful in both large areas and tight spaces for avoiding interferences, efficiently utilizing the available space, identifying critical equipment interfaces and much more.

The scanner operates by generating billions of laser bounces in a spherical fashion that are used to create a detailed point cloud representation of everything around the scanner. The scanner can be relocated throughout the space to generate multiple points clouds which can then be “stitched” together to create a highly accurate 3D environment.

With appropriate software, the elements of these point clouds and high resolution images (also obtained by the scanner) can be refined by our team and made into solid virtual forms. From these forms, designers can size and define piping, fittings, conduit, walls and much more in great detail.

Whether the 3D environment is being developed for a new space or if your project is being designed to fit into an existing space, designing in this environment provides for:

  • Accurate Bills of Material for piping and conduit
  • Accurate site mapping
  • Planning of proper slopes and layouts in piping plans
  • Less down time and labor cost from unplanned equipment interferences
  • Checking for necessary clearances prior to installation of new equipment
  • Identifying depressions where ponding may occur
  • Confirmation of proper drainage in the site grading plan

Some of the additional applications for this are:

  • Mapping interior and exterior of vessels (design, volume)
  • Forensic archiving
  • Highly accurate onsite measurements in hard to reach places
  • Non-obtrusive data collection for hospitals or other sensitive areas (MEP)
  • Mapping of existing buildings (beams, piping, conduit, outlets, fixtures, etc.)
  • Confirming system alignment in manufacturing facilities


Building Scan 3d View
Building Scan 3d View
Building 3D Scan Hi Res View
Building 3D Scan Hi Res View
3D Scan with New Piping
3D Scan with New Piping
3d Piping and Process Design by VITOK Engineers
Full process design of a new facility fit into an area (building) scan.