VITOK Engineers designed a new chemical blending process for an existing facility. The new process helped our client streamline the initial blending in their process.

As part of a chemical manufacturing process at our customer’s facility, VITOK Engineers, Inc. was contracted to engineer, deign, and specify equipment for a new chemical mixing process to feed several of their existing chemical reactors. The system included a 13,000 gallon storage tank for the chemical solution which is received by truck, pumped into the storage tank, and then diluted with process water. The diluted solution is heated then pumped into their facility and mixed with another heated solution using in-line mixers. This final mixed solution is delivered to several of their chemical reactors for their various chemical manufacturing needs. VITOK’s scope comprised process design including P&ID development, mechanical system analysis, design and equipment specifications, electrical design, including piping heat trace, as well as structural design of various concrete structures and pipe supports.

The equipment list included:

  • 13,000 gallon storage tank for solution with mixing agitator
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger for chemical solution
  • Electric heat exchanger for chemical solution
  • Static, in-line mixers
  • Pumps
  • Tank conservation vent
  • Relief valves
  • Complete piping system design to accommodate high truck unloading flow, recirculating flow, and forward feed flow

Structural design for the equipment included:

  • Tank pad including concrete reinforcement
  • Tank containment dike with sump pit
  • Truck unloading containment with sump pit
  • Pipe support steel
  • New MCC building concrete pad

The electrical system design included:

  • Complete wiring design of all new process equipment
  • MCC specification and design for new equipment power supply
  • Complete heat trace system design for all new process piping to maintain elevated temperature

All design drawings and specifications were provided to the customer along with construction specifications to solicit competitive bids from installation contractors for the various trades.