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Engineering Services

VITOK Engineers is a multi-disciplinary firm that was founded in 1967. For over 50 years, we have grown to serve clients across the country and internationally. As our business has grown, our service territory and experience has expanded. To date, over 4,000 projects have been completed around the world, ranging from a few thousand to over $80 million in capital appropriation.

The reason for our growth is simple: we have experienced personnel in all major engineering disciplines. This enables us to be a single-source engineering solution for our clients.

Our depth of experience enables us to provide clients with an expansive overview of projects, as well as a unique, cross-disciplined perspective on the design process. As an employee-owned company, the staff members of VITOK take a vital interest in building loyal client relationships. We are constantly striving to diversify our services and technology while providing cost-effective solutions for project challenges.

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Process Engineering

The following is a more detailed list of process areas where we have significant Engineering knowledge and experience from previous…
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3D Design and Scanning

Whether a new design or a modification to an existing facility, VITOK Engineers has the capability to design your project in a 2D or 3D environment.

View 3D Design and Scanning

Automation and Controls Design

VITOK’s Control and Instrumentation Engineers develop new process controls and expand or modify existing control systems across many different control platforms.

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Chemical Engineering

Our cross-disciplined approach to modernizing, expanding, or inventing your process ensures that your Chemical Engineering design is considered from every perspective.

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Civil/Structural Engineering

We combine our knowledge and experience with our engineering expertise to design and build high-quality industrial plant facilities.

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Construction Oversight

VITOK’s Construction Managers have years of experience along with access to a number of resources from multiple disciplines within the organization.

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Electrical Power Engineering

Our cross-disciplined approach to electrical engineering ensures that your process is designed to function properly.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineers have what it takes to design and integrate multiple services across industries.

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Environmental Engineering

VITOK provides assistance to manufacturing companies and utilities to improve air and water quality for compliance with local and national codes and regulations.

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Process Design and Optimization

VITOK’s staff of engineers has many years of experience in designing and optimizing industrial processes.

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Process Safety Management

Our engineers can assist with the creation of a PSM system or the expansion of an existing system.

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Project Management

VITOK’s Project Managers are ready to use their cross-disciplined, professional approach to take your project from start to finish.

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