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VITOK Engineers is a consulting engineering firm that was founded in 1967 to offer a single-source service of all major engineering disciplines to chemical plants and manufacturing facilities in the area that grew to across the United States and abroad. At that time, VITOK also had a manufacturing facility to design and build molecular sieves for the chemical industry, along with the design and building of CO2 scrubbers for nuclear submarines in the US Navy.

When VITOK was founded, the employee owners of the company had a narrow vision of the service area that the company would serve, so they drew a circle around Louisville, KY with a radius of approximately 200 miles to represent the area of their market. Every state that the circle touched became a part of our name : Virginia, Indiana/Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. This is how the VITOK Engineers name came into existence.

Engineering Disciplines for Clients Across the Globe

For over 50 years, VITOK has grown to serve clients all across the country and internationally. As our business has grown, our service territory and experience has expanded. To date, over 4,000 projects have been completed around the world, ranging from a few thousand to over $80 million dollars in capital appropriation.

The reason for our growth is simple: We have experienced personnel in all major engineering disciplines. This enables us to be a single source engineering solution for our clients.

Our depth of experience enables us to provide clients with an expansive overview of projects, as well as a unique, cross-disciplined perspective on the design process. As an employee-owned company, the staff members of VITOK take a vital interest in building loyal client relationships. We are constantly striving to improve our services and technology, while providing cost-effective solutions for project challenges.

Making a Splash in Beverage Distillation

While VITOK still has a solid market share with major chemical and manufacturing companies, our engineering services have created a solid niche in the beverage distillation markets. From grain handling to bottling, VITOK has either designed – or designed and managed – major expansions for almost all of the major beverage distillers in the United States. We have also designed processes and facilities for many craft distilleries – to date VITOK has completed well over 450 distillery projects, along with the design of more than thirty new distillery complexes.