The original project scope was to design a new process building and renovate two adjacent buildings to accept the several new process systems, and our customer originally asked for a complete turn-key project. Since a major and significant portion of the project was very expensive capital equipment, VITOK coordinated with them to directly purchase some the capital equipment. This enabled them to meet budgetary needs on sizeable portions of the project, which was significant. After some general discussions as to how the project would proceed, VITOK agreed to take “at-risk” responsibility for the detailed engineering, as well as contractor requirements, and allow the customer to purchase the major equipment.

Subsequently, VITOK received the order to provide detailed process engineering, construction management and start-up coordination.

The detailed engineering included complete design of a “stick-built” 11,000 sq. Ft. building x 25’ OAH consisting of four (4) different process systems. Two (2) other related process systems were installed into an adjacent building, which included autoclaves, drying ovens, robotic material-handling systems and dense-phase pneumatic conveying.

The large building contained process systems with unit operations of dilute-phase conveying, bag-in/bag-out dust collectors, gravity flow to/from ball mills, pan rollers, small batch make-up pots, and extruders. A wide variety of conveying means were employed including, trough belt, cleated belt, vibratory, slip sheet, roller, bucket, drag, screw, etc. Special analyses were employed to determine proper conveying means due to the densities, and fragility of the products. Some products were laboratory tested before conveying styles were selected.

When this project reached the completion phase (upon successful start-up of all systems), a project celebration was held by the customer in appreciation of the engineering company, constructors, and company personnel, due to completing the project ahead of schedule and within budget parameters.