The daily management and operations of process companies is becoming more demanding due to increasing plant complexity. In addition to stringent requirements on production capacity, product quality, cost effectiveness and environmental standards, process facilities must be safe places for workers and neighbors. VITOK Engineers is frequently engaged to assist clients in the development of process and safety management procedures. While working with numerous process environments and systems over the years, VITOK has acquired extensive experience. This experience has enables us to provide Professional Engineering assistance in many different aspects of process safety.

VITOK Engineers Safety
Process and Manufacturing Safety – VITOK Engineers

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV/PSV) Calculations

Many companies are required to redesign and recheck their safety relief valve calculations on a periodic basis. It is essential to check settings by calculations when process conditions are changed, (i.e. differences in throughput rate, temperature rate, temperature, pressure, or flow rates) Utilizing in-house computer programs, VITOK efficiently designs pressure relief systems and performs pressure relief valve calculations on a routine basis for a wide variety of customers.


Fall Protection

OSHA has become more active in the fall protection area resulting in an increase in these types of projects. Fall protection is mandated by many companies (when climbing over four – six feet) and normally involves the installation of devices which enable workers to attach a safety harness to a structure, allowing for a soft or short fall in case of slippage. VITOK’s Licensed Structural Professional Engineers perform calculations for the design and installation of these devices in accordance with OSHA requirements.


Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Most large process companies are required to perform Process Hazard Analysis on new processes or any process that has changed significantly. While most companies have their own PHA teams, VITOK frequently assists in reviewing the PHA and identifying potentially hazardous situations. Our process and project engineers have years of experience, which give us an informed and fresh perspective to point out potential hazards that may not be apparent to plant operations personnel.


Process Safety Management (PSM)

PSM is mandated by many companies in the process industry. We develop Process and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) for PSM review. VITOK also assists individual plant teams in PSM review and assures continuity for future use by implementing changes to the P&ID/PFDs.


These are just a few of many safety projects we’ve successfully completed. If you have a safety related problem or a process, VITOK Engineers can assist you in developing an alternative that brings your facility up to acceptable safety standards.