Seamless communication between Process,
Mechanical, Electrical, & Structural Engineering
is critical to a successful design project.
VITOK provides a complete team.

VITOK Engineers has had Structural Engineering as part of the full-service Engineering spectrum since its inception. Having this discipline as part of an integral team is a significant part of the advantage that VITOK is able to provide on projects.

All of our disciplines seamlessly interact on projects to make sure that we can successfully achieve:

  • Equipment Site Layout Plans
  • Foundations & Structures to support process equipment
  • Proper elevations of vessels, pumps, and piping
  • Planning any necessary platforms for the process
  • Achieving necessary clearances for equipment placement in the construction phase
  • Planning for employee safety measures in the process and construction phase
  • Space & locations for power distribution equipment
  • Pump stands and foundations
  • Observing building code requirements for classified areas

We Complete Structural Designs For:

  • General Arrangement Layout
  • Structural Steel
  • Foundation Design
  • Platforms/Mezzanines
  • Fall Protection
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Spill Containment
  • Underground Piping Systems
  • Concrete and Steel Floors
  • Concrete Structures
  • Modifications to Existing Structures
  • Supports for Ducts and Piping
  • Waste Water Treatment Structures
VITOK Engineers Safety - Catwalk Design
VITOK Engineers Safety – Catwalk Design
VITOK Engineers Distillery Design Heaven Hill
VITOK Engineers Heaven Hill Expansion



3d Piping and Process Design by VITOK Engineers
Full process design of a new facility.