VITOK developed current Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) for an existing facility that helped an industrial facility make process improvements by mapping out the current state of the system.

MPD, Inc. is located in a nearly 80-year-old building in Owensboro, KY. In May of 2015, the building suffered major water damage from a cooling system failure. VITOK was contracted in May of 2016 to perform an engineering analysis of the failure and make recommendations for prevention and/or mitigation of future similar failures. VITOK personnel walked down the system and were able to provide MPD management with seven Process Flow Diagrams outlining the current state of their system. From there, a comprehensive review of existing system status and recommendations for system improvements were presented to the company in March of 2017. VITOK is currently working with MPD personnel to develop detailed plans for implementation of improvements to the building’s cooling water systems.