VITOK’s staff has many years of expertise in the areas of process design and instrumentation of chemical and industrial plants, as well as pharmaceutical, food, automotive and other heavy manufacturing facilities.


Many manufacturers of both hard and soft goods rely on the expertise and multi-discipline capabilities of VITOK Engineers to solve perplexing problems and facilitate production. We have worked on large and small manufacturing projects in areas such as automotive, wire/cable, appliances, paint/coatings, chemicals, and consumer products including toothpaste, soap, tires, cement, word processors and more.


Over 40+ years in business, we have provided engineering and design services in many environmental areas. These include environmental project management, water and waste water treatment, ground water/surface water control, air pollution abatement, storm water management plans, IAQ assesment and mitigation, and development of “green” systems for an improved atmosphere on planet earth.


Within the beverage industry, VITOK has been contracted by Distilleries and Breweries to improve process control, redesign and improve efficiency of bottle lines, to assist in debottlenecking ethanol manufacturing process, warehouse barreled and case goods, and to improve utilities. In the Soft drink and Water industries, VITOK has assisted in the process design for water sanitation, ozonating and filtering, cooking, drying and conveying of solids and semi-solids, and piping, pumping, design and redesign for new product implementation.

Food / Dairy

Within the Food/Dairy industry, VITOK has experience in Confectionary, snack foods, batch and final packaging, grain processing, High fiber cellular manufacture, pet food processing and more.


Pharmaceutical companies look to VITOK to facilitate Algae processing for baby food supplements, specification and purchasing of high speed tableting machines, development of components of new toothpaste research and development efforts, process design for silicone fluids utilized in the human body and the design and installation of laboratory equipment.



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