VITOK Engineers Support


Have you been in a situation where your project needs outweigh your internal resources?

VITOK is here to help.

For decades, VITOK has provided onsite support across all major engineering disciplines as well as Project Management. In this capacity, we strive to be an extension to your engineering department.  We can provide support on a short-term or long-term basis, making it convenient for you to fill the gaps where needed.

You may not have the time to train someone to become experienced in their field.

You may need someone with:

      • years of knowledge and experience,
      • the ability to fulfill your project needs and schedule, and
      • the ability to be on your site now.

We have an experienced staff of Professional Engineers in every discipline to add knowledge and value to your existing staff.

      • Process Controls and Automation
      • Instrumentation
      • HMI Design
      • Process Design
      • Mechanical Design
      • Capital Cost Estimating
      • Process Safety Management
      • Structural Design
      • 3D Piping and Modeling
      • Finding Process Efficiencies
      • Electrical Design

If you ever need a helping hand, reach out to VITOK and we can support any of your in-house engineering and design needs.

Shoot us an email, or give us a call! Let’s see how we can help.


Phone: 502-426-7770


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Construction Oversight
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3D Modeling and Design
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