How do you get engineering performed for an island located in central Africa when you are thousands of miles away from normal businesses?

In order to save your client some money, you have to do it 100% electronically. All the way from initial information flow, then proposal issuance via email, receipt of customer P.O. via fax, then on to problem resolution for their chemical processes, and finally through electronic invoicing and subsequent wire-transfer payment.

Recently, a good customer for whom VITOK had performed many engineering services when he was working within the continental United States, contacted us to determine if we could provide him with similar services of which he had engaged us while employed in the US.

The reason for his call was that he was located in Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, an area with very limited technical services.

His chemical plant was undergoing major process and operational changes, and he needed to have an experienced engineering company recalculate his pressure relief valves in accordance with his new process parameters.

VITOK had performed this function for him and many other process facilities in years past so he knew he could rely on us to complete his work in an expeditious fashion. His problem was that he/we would have to handle the whole project over the World Wide Web with an engineering company with the capability to work within that requirement. VITOK had, and still does have, this internet capability.

This customer then sent us the information for us to prepare our quotation, we reviewed and issued a written proposal. Our proposal was issued via internet and we subsequently were awarded the PO and began design. Many emails were sent back and forth until the project was completed, then our invoice was issued to the HQ in Houston. His Houston office issued payment via wire transfer and all was complete.

This project was completed in such a smooth way that we were awarded many more projects, all handled electronically, with no visit to Africa necessary to complete the work. The efficiency of this process is obvious and saves the customer significant time and dollars.

VITOK endeavors to provide our engineering services in whatever manner desired by our wonderful customers.